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Washington County Profile

Source: 2012 Census of Agriculture, 2010 U.S. Census Bureau

Number of Farms: 860 farms

Land in Farms: 129,600 acres

Average Size of Farm: 151 acres

Market Value of Products Sold: $107,688,000

           $45,424: market value of crops including nursery and greenhouse

           $62,264: market value of livestock, poultry and their products

Average Market Value of Products Sold Per Farm: $125,219

Total Land Area: 458.14 square miles [covers 38 percent of land in Washington County]

Average age of Washington County Farmer:  55.5 years

          710 male principle farm operators 

          150 female principle farm operators 

65.8% of agricultural land in Washington County is dedicated to crops

16.8% of agricultural land in Washington County is dedicated to pastureland

13.2% of agricultural land in Washington County is dedicated to woodlands

4.2% of agricultural land in Washington County is dedicated to other uses

Cash Rents for cropland and pasture

        2012: non-irrigated $74.50     pasture $49.00

        2013: non-irrigated $76.00     pasture $49.00 

Washington County is Ranked in the State of Maryland

  • First in inventory of hogs and pigs 
  • First in inventory of ducks
  • First in sales of fruits, tree nuts and berries 
  • Second in sales of other crops and hay 
  • Second in sales and inventory of cattle and calves
  • Second in sales of milk from cows 
  • Second in acreage for forage, land uses for all hap, haylage, grass ilage and greenchop 
  • Second in acreage dedicated to corn for silage
  • Third in inventory for sheep and lambs 

View more details from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Washington County Statistics

Source: County/Statistics.htm

Washington County ranks ninth in size among the 23 counties, with 293,223 acres in land area, and is the heart of the fruit industry in Maryland. Apple and peach growers harvest over 190,000 trees annually. Dairying is the principle livestock enterprise. Milk cows number 16,000 head, ranking second in the state. Cereal grains are also important to the county. There are 860 farms with an average size of 151 acres. The total number of farmland acres in Washington County is 129,600.

Washington County Land Preservation Program      

Agricultural Districts                                              18542 acres      

MD Agricultural Land Preservation Program           12765 acres

Rural Legacy                                                          4336 acres

Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program         251 acres

Installment Payment Program                                1113 acres

Mid Maryland Land Trust                                       227 acres

Maryland Environmental Trust                               4650 acres

Forest Conservation                                              461 acres

Other, scenic easements, conservation fund          2608 acres

 Maryland Agricultural Statistics 

Approximately 350,000 people are employed in some aspect of agriculture, making it the largest commercial industry in Maryland. Agriculture also remains the largest single land use in the State, with 2.0 million acres, or roughly 32 percent of total land area used for farming in 2014. The majority of Maryland's farmland is located in the north central part of the State and the upper Eastern Shore. In 2014, some 12,400 Maryland farms averaged 165 acres each.

In 2014, the gross cash income from commodity (crop & animal) receipts and other farm-related activities was approximately $2.7 billion, while the net cash income was approximately $676 million. Total production expenses exceeded $2.3 billion, while per farm expenses averaged $191,747. Net farm income was over $590 million while income per farm averaged $47,580.

In 2014, corn for grain averaged 175.3 bushels per acre. From 430,000 acres, 75.2 million bushels of corn were harvested. The soybean yield averaged 46 bushels per acre, with a total production of 23.2 million bushels. Winter wheat produced 70 bushels per acre, with 17.5 million bushels harvested. Barley production increased to 3.47 million bushels, averaging 77 bushels per acre. The total value of grain crops was approximately $617 million.

Fresh market vegetables and melons, including watermelons, spinach, and cucumbers, were valued at $26.2 million in 2014. In 2014, the potato crop was worth $10.2 million.

In 2012, some 3,973 acres were covered by orchards in Maryland, with apples and peaches the most productive crops. In 2014, nearly 1,900 acres of apple orchards and 800 acres of peach orchards were valued at $13.9 million.

Milk production in 2014 totaled 980 million pounds, and the average milk production per cow was 19,740 pounds. The number of milk cows in 2014 was 50,000. The State's 455 dairy farms brought in $243 million.

As of January 1, 2015, the total number of cattle and calves was 185,000. Cash receipts for cattle and calves increased to $96 million in 2014.

Frederick County leads the State in milk production - its dairy herds account for one third of the SAs of January 1, 2014, approximately 2,200 milk goats and 12,600 goats were used for meat and other purposes in Maryland.

In 2014, cash receipts for market hogs were $10.2 million, up from $8.6 million in 2013. The total number of hogs and pigs in Maryland was 47,000.

tate's total.

Over 14,300 honeybee colonies in 2,376 locations in Maryland are maintained by over 1,800 beekeepers. These colonies produce over 100,000 pounds of honey per year, and in 2014, honey was worth $488,000.

Honeybees not only produce honey and beeswax, they also pollinate nearly 40 percent of the food that we eat, including some $40 million of Maryland's crops.

In 2014, beekeepers in Maryland lost nearly 61 percent of their colonies. The Department of Agriculture's Apiary Program offers help and inspections to keep Maryland's bees and their hives

In 2014, Maryland ranked eighth among states in the number of broilers, or chickens raised for their meat, with 305 million birds produced. Their production value was $990 million and 1.5 billion pounds. This amount accounted for 40 percent of Maryland's total cash farm income that year.

Turkeys brought in some $18 million.

Egg production in Maryland increased in 2014 to 785 million eggs, up from 673 million in 2013, with each bird laying about 282 eggs annually. The majority of Maryland's chicken operations have fewer than 3,000 birds and these 500 "small flocks" produce about 9.6 million eggs each year, while nine operations with more than 3,000 birds produce the rest. In 2014, cash receipts for eggs totaled $70 million.lthy.

Wineries and vineyards are a fast-growing segment of Maryland's specialty agriculture. In FY 2014, wineries sold 384,498 gallons of wine and sales were approximately $29 million. The 75 wineries throughout the State offer over 420 wines.

Top Five Commodities by Value (1997):

  1. Dairy - $35,937,000
  2. Cattle - $5,283,000
  3. Poultry - $4,621,000
  4. Fruit - $4,113,000
  5. Soybean - $2,747,000

Total Value of Commodities: $60,604,000

County Ranking by Value of Commodities: 10

Agricultural Land Preservation Programs:

  • County Districts: 210 properties covering 28,688 acres
  • Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation Easements: 46 properties covering 8,135 acres
  • 2002 Easements Purchases: 5 on 803 acres, $1.7 million

Equine Industry:  

4,460 horses valued at $12,295,000 are at 1,560 locations on 10,200 acres with 4,090 people involved, excluding hired labor

Farmers' Markets:

In 2002, one market reported a total of 33 market days accounting for $87,200 in sales from 10,900 customer visits. Seniors and WIC clients redeemed $13,907 in Farmers' Market Nutrition Program coupons.

Certified Organic Producers/Handlers: 3

Weights & Measures Devices Inspected: 1,816

Nutrient Management: Plan Compliance on 1/31/03 was 465 forms covering 83,572 acres

2002 Ag Cost Share to Farmers: $530,071 for 98 projects

State Funds to Soil Conservation District 1994-2003: $604,233

Nurseries Inspected: 40

Agribusiness/Tourism Sampler:

  • Cool's Fishing Pond
  • Lewis Orchards
  • Bee Tree Farms Honey


Washington County Climate

Yearly Precipitation (inches)42.36
Yearly Snowfall (inches)28.5
Summer Temperature (Degrees F)73.4
Winter Temperature (Degrees F)33.0
Maryland State Office of Climatology. Numbers are based on the most recent 60 year average.

Demographic Overview

Estimated Population149,585
Estimated Households56,067
Estimated Persons Per Household2.71
Estimated Average Household Income$70,993
Estimated Median Household Income$56,228
Estimated Per Capita Income$27,066
Population: U.S. Census Bureau, 2011 Population Estimates. Households: U.S. Census Bureau, 2010 American Community Survey. Per Capita Income: U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis (2009).

Employment History Chart

Civilian Labor Force76,59176,02269,31870,78069,06569,46369,567
Unemployment Rate5.2%5.8%7.0%7.4%8.6%9.8%10.9%
*Annual averages. Data are not seasonally adjusted. Figures represent the number of county residents employed, including those working outside of the community.
MD Dept. of Labor, Licensing & Regulation, Office of Labor Market Analysis & Information (2011).

Distribution by Place of Work

EmploymentPercentWeekly Wage
Total Employment66,884100$822
Federal Government5920.9$1,024
State Government2,2163.3$976
Local Government5,8778.8$862
Private Employment58,27087.0$763
Natural Resources & Mining1460.2$847
Trade, Transportation & Utilities17,29325.8$667
Financial Activities6,2249.3$979
Professional & Business Services5,5538.3$819
Education & Health Services10,86116.2$835
Leisure & Hospitality6,6559.9$301
Other Services1,6662.5$553
* Figures represent the number of employees in the County from any origin. NOTE: Percentages may not total 100% due to rounding.
2016 Annual Averages; Quarterly Census of Employment & Wages - Bureau of Labor Statistics (2016)

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